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About Standard Control Processes


This paper is designed to focus on the challenges that companies face in Information Technology when it comes to creating, monitoring, managing, and executing a project.  This paper also focus’s on what are the best processes as well as what should be done when using a strategic plan or a strategy formulation.  Without using these strategic plans projects can easily fall apart, come to a halt, or even become a bigger issue than it was originally.

The goal of BPP is to provide quality service to our clients. We do this by explaining, assisting, and designing which control measures should be used at each phase of a project. The approaches we have identified, and the methods we teach and help implement in your organization are fueled for organizational growth. We understand that management of IT lifecycles is very labor-intensive, and usually costly, and with significant changes to the organization there is a higher level of accountability with IT projects. As an organization such as your continues to grow, migrating systems, and integrating new devices is always a must and an increasing burden to your IT department which results in new challenges and changes to your IT departments strategic plan.

This paper discusses in detail the challenges that information technology management faces when implementing, controlling, monitoring, and executing a project. We discuss the best practices for your business for overcoming those challenges, and the benefits of implementing our practices.

Problem Statement

We know that inadequate controls, and poorly executed projects have and will result in many unexpected problems. This often leads to ending a projects success, as well as labeling a project with an incomplete status, or even an impossible status.


Previous Options

Without our strategies we have not seen very good options. Some of the previous options that we have witnessed at other organizations were to end projects, and label them impossible, work through all the problems with no clear path or resolution, costing the companies hundreds of thousands outside of the budget and far exceeding project deadlines.

BPP would like to see these previous options, if you can even call them options, go away in their entirety. With our business objectives, we maintain a competitive edge, even when having a limited number of resources and a tight budget such as your organization. We are able to provide a better option with a management solution that will eventually lower your total cost of future IT management projects.


Praxis Solution

The main solutions to your current organizational issues are to create specific controlling measures for your project. It has been proven that a set of standard project controlling measures will and can help make your IT projects much more successful. The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) states that the use of monitoring and controlling process groups will allow managers to track, review, and regulate the project progress, and the project performance. (Management, 2008)

Benefit 1

There are many benefits that can be applied to projects when using controlling measures for your project. When measuring project performance regularly by the afore mentioned processes this can lead to early identification to early problems. This provides the project manager, and team the necessary information about the problem areas of the project that will require more information, or a more in-depth analysis.

Benefit 2

The process of monitoring and controlling is not solely to watch each and every phase of the project in greater detail, but to also monitor and control the entire project.  This includes the following processes:

  • Monitor and Control the project work – this is the process that is used for tracking, reviewing and regulating the project performance defined in the project plan.
  • Perform Integrated Change Control – This is the process where all project changes are requested and approved or denied. This process makes changes to the overall project outcome.
  • Verify Scope – This process is to keep the integrity of the project, and is a formalized written acceptance of the completed projects deliverables.
  • Controlling the Scope – This process is to keep the project status and the project scope managed and as close to the baseline as possible.
  • Controlling the Schedule – This is the process of monitoring the timelines to modify schedule changes and update and monitor progress on the project.
  • Controlling the costs – This is the process of to update, analyze and maintain the project budget as well as mange any changes needed to the cost estimates.
  • Controlling the Quality – This is the process of monitoring and controlling the overall project quality as well as each individual phase. This is the process where quality control measurements should be created.
  • Reporting the Performance – This process is used to report performance to the project team, and includes progress reports, and forecasting.
  • Monitoring and controlling the risks – This process is used to analyze, track, and identify risks to the project.


Benefit 3

Forecasting is the basis for your business plan. There are many different types of forecasting methods that we specialize in, and that are applicable for your type of organization.

  • Time Series Analysis – In a time series analysis, we use historical data to make educated predictions about how your company will be affected in the future. This can be done using different simplified mathematical calculations such as linear regression. Linear regression is a mathematical algorithm that is intended to fit a straight line to the most recent data available.  For example we can use linear regression to predict, consumption spending, labor demand and labor supply.  This will allow us to be in better control of our projects using these measurements.
  • Casual / Econometric – The casual approach however is based more upon the relationship with that particular variable. This leads it to be much more difficult to incorporate, much more difficult to identify, and much more difficult to quantify. For example the sale of snow tires in theUnited States would be relative to the amount of snow that falls for that period of data being analyzed. Regression analysis is the type of analysis used to predict these future values of a variable by making use of other variables.
  • Judgmental – The judgmental forecasting methods incorporate intuitive judgments, opinions of experts in the fields, and even are subjective probability estimates. Judgmental forecasting can be done with statistical surveying. A statistical survey is a way to collect information from a sample of individuals. This can be done by telephone, mail, online or even door to door. This method requires us to write good survey questions, by using correct spelling punctuation and grammar, as well as being extremely specific in the questions being asked.
  • Simulation – Simulation forecasting is generally done by a computer where a specific hypothetical situation is created into a computer simulation application. By changing variables in this simulation application, predictions may be made based upon how the simulated the events to be. For example the Super Bowl every year is simulated thousands of times every year by EA sports, and even accurately calling the winner of 6 of the last 7 Super Bowls.  (Ransom-Wiley, 2011)



Implementation and integration of controlling measurements is rather difficult and tricky in any IT process.  The first step in implementation is to develop a team that is able to fully understand the complexity of this type of Project. The team should consist of people that will be able to give input from different perspective and from different departments in the functional areas to ensure than implantation has been completed.

Creating a schedule is crucial to the implementation’s success.  Holding an introduction meeting for the implementation and explaining the calendar of events for the project is essential. Another way to ensure an implementations success is to publish goals, and continue to make updates of those goals on a regular basis.  To increase the odds of implementation success, an incentive plan can be used here. (Bryant, 2011)



Overall there several rules to have when controlling measurements to ensure a projects success. One must be able to implement the measurements, one must be able to maintain the system that is selected, and one must fully understand and be able to develop further based upon these findings. In beginnings stages a more simplified algorithms for a high level approach is preferred to a complex method. Because forecasting is not an exact science but more of an educated guess it is important to monitor the accuracy of forecasts to ensure the projects success.




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